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 World Class Dental Clinic Located at Smiline House, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad. Call : +91 40 42000024       


Welcome to SMILINE DENTAL HOSPITALS, Hyderabad, India! In recent years SMILINE has established an excellent reputation as THE BEST dental hospital. With a treatment philosophy that closely shadows those found at many of the world's top dental clincs, the SMILINE DENTAL HOSPITALS is dedicated to provide the best dental treatments available.SMILINE is a versatile private DENTAL HOSPITAL known for its varied range of dental treatments. SMILINE provides every treatment under dentistry, right from dental emergency to beautification of your smile. SMILINE has the most advanced and latest technology dental equipments and a competent team of dedicated dentists making SMILINE ‘a one stop smile maker’.

SMILINE not only differentiates itself by providing world class treatments, but also with its niche ambience, patient friendly environment and consistency in treatment quality. All only makes SMILINE unique. SMILINE’s referral base is certainly international.

SMILINE can also be described as a technology hospital supported by highly specialist staff and doctors that remain at the cutting edge of their specialties in the interest of quality patient care. We, at SMILINE maintain an environment that is caring and conducive.

We're here to care for you, and we'll do all, we can to ensure your treatment with us is as comfortable as possible.

Welcome to SMILINE…and experience the difference.

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testimonial Mr.John -- Thank you very much for the high quality dental care during the last two weeks when I was your patient. -- Apoorva -- I picked Smiline dental clinic on friends & family recommendation.I got my wisdom tooth extraction done here .I am now free from pain .I recommend anyone with tooth problems to go to Smiline. -- Mr.Gajendranath -- I had severe toothache which prevented me from eating and leading a normal life. High level of proficiency shown by the team helped me to choose Smiline for my dental problems.I got Root canal treatment and Filling done and after the treatments i can now eat well .I feel great again now without the tooth pain. Anyone looking for painless treatment and a caring team with superlative degree of perfection Smiline is only sentient channel. Thanks. -- Dr.Anupama -- Visited Smiline dental clinic suffering with toothache on a friend's recommendation .I was unable to chew properly due to pain and sensitive teeth .Felt horrible before coming to Smiline .I underwent Rootcanal,Scaling and Capping.I was releived of my toothache and sensitivity .I would advise anyone with a dental problem to attend to it before it worsens. -- Nand Kumar -- hello, I too also thank for my teeth replacement done by very perfect way , sir my health is fine at same time I am taking care about teeth and gums, sir, your hospital is run by toally profesional and very good Hospitality, yours truly, N.NANDKUMAR, --
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